Party Planning Checklist

Keeping Up Appearances Tea Party

Tea Party Planning Checklist:

Things You Will Need For Your Tea Party

Party Planning Checklist:

  • Teapot (s)
  • Slop Bowl (s)
  • Sugar Bowl (s)
  • Milk jug/pitcher (s)
  • Bowl for Sweetener packets (Splendaâ„¢etc.)
  • Trivet or thick plates to put teapots on (protects table)
  • Tablecloth (s)
  • Flower arrangement
  • Strainers if serving loose leaf tea
  • Tea cozy
  • Trays or plates for cakes and sandwiches

    Checklist: Per Person You Will Need

  • One lunch/salad plate (central)
  • One cup & saucer
  • One teaspoon (place on saucer)
  • Luncheon Napkin (place either on plate, or better to the left)
  • Cake or salad fork (place to left of plate, on napkin)
  • Butter knife (place to right of plate, blade facing toward plate)

    Party Planning Checklist

    Flowers are Essential

    Flowers are an essential part of an Afternoon Tea Party. Don’t spend a lot of money on flowers, if you have anything pretty in your garden. They only have to last one afternoon, so use what you have. Trailing ivy can look lovely, fern leaves and ornamental grasses, mixed in with carnations or roses, if you have them.

    Don’t overdo it if any of guests have allergies!

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