Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids – Halloween ideas should be a little bit scary, depending on the age of your kids, but your children should be safe.

I think that taking small children out in the cold and dark, simply to beg candy from strangers is not a very good idea. Remember the poisoned candy a few years ago? Sugar isn’t good for them anyway, and especially by the pound.

The scariest things out there are the genuine weirdos, drunk and inattentive drivers, colds and ‘flu and not to mention the cold weather and possible rain!

So, instead of dragging your kids around the neighborhood, why don’t you have their friends come over for a Halloween Party? It’s a lot safer, and you can at least monitor what the little darlings are eating.

All the moms could dress as witches and set up a pretty scary looking Halloween Tea Party table, like in the picture above. (Those ladies, by the way, are in Welsh National dress – but you get the idea).

You can dye drinks with red food coloring and make cupcakes iced with black icing, decorated with the children’s names written on an icing tombstone. Feed them something good (albeit disguised). At least you’ll know what’s in it!

Reduce Your Halloween Carbon Footprint using eco-friendly pointers without sacrificing the magic of the event. Preserve the environment!

Halloween Mystery Party! Just follow this link, believe me you will have a ball!


Cheshire Halloween Cat

Halloween Homemade

It’s not far away, it will soon be September and people will start scrambling for Halloween party ideas for kids the closer it gets.

NOW is the time to go around the thrift stores to find dresses and clothing that can be adapted into great costumes!

My local thrift store sells prom and evening dresses for less than $10. Their wedding dresses are around $20. Who cares if they are a little tattered? They make terrific Halloween costumes. With some scissors and fake blood or fabric dye, you can create a unique costume.

Look for wigs too, these can also be dyed so they will look – absolutely terrifying! Boys can wear them too (but only once a year hopefully!)

Remember, the closer we get to Halloween, the less choice there will be.

If you are not creative, or just don’t have the time, Wholesale Costume Club can provide you with just about any costume you and your family could need, at great wholesale prices.

For FREE one year’s Membership use the code SAVENOW – but hurry – I have no idea when this promotion will end.

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