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What the grower discovered was that Green Tea plants were in very short supply in the USA. In fact there is only one surviving Tea Plantation in America and the plants and seeds are nearly impossible to find.

green tea plants

So after many trials and failures the grower imported seeds from the Orient and began to grow his own.
The result is a Family-run Tea Nursery, probably the only one of its kind in the country.

All of their green tea plants are healthy, fully rooted, and certified by the Department of Agriculture in the State of Florida to be free of disease and pests.

The nursery packs and ships with care and best of all unconditionally guarantee every plant. They are grown with love.

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Where will Tea Grow Best in the USA?

Camellia sinensis, common name Tea plant is an evergreen shrub or small tree grown in part shade to full shade

Some Tea varieties are hardy to zone 6B most are hardy to zone 7B.

Tea plants can be easily grown as a greenhouse plant or a porch plant that you bring in during the winter or if your local zone permits, or grow it in the ground under a tree in dappled light.

Most Tea varieties tolerate temperatures down to 20 degrees F.

Tea prefers a wet, humid summer and a cool, and a not very frosty, dry winter, with no soil freezes.

Ask you local nursery about how well flowering Camellias do in your area, and that will be your answer.

You can put them in pots and bring them in on cold nights, or protect them with plastic or bales of hay, or even a light bulb.

Just remember they are not an indoor tree and should not be treated like one long term.

Shipping Your Tea Plants

All tea plants are hand wrapped for successful shipping and sent by fast Priority Mail. The supplier has rarely had any problems, and of course they are guaranteed to arrive in perfect shape, or they will replace them promptly.

All tea plants come in a 4 inch pot and are vibrant and ready to move up into larger growing containers. Tea plants come with full instructions for how to raise your Green tea, and instructions for making Green tea, Oolong, and Black tea.

The plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and in good shape to the address you send with your order, and to arrive within 3 days of shipping, NO PO Boxes please.

Tea plants can remain healthy in a box for more than a week.
Because this specialist nursery is possibly the only supplier of tea plants in the United States, quantities are limited – they do sell out fast!

green tea plants

How Many Tea Plants Will I Need?

We recommend at least 6 plants per person and here is why:

You only harvest the new growth, or tips, from each plant. For one thing, your plants are young, so they need leaves to convert sunlight to energy as they grow. The more you steal from the plant the slower they will grow. So if you only buy a few, you will be frustrated waiting for them to get big enough to harvest enough new leaves.

The second thing is if you want some serious tea in a few years you need enough shrubs, with enough growth to be able to go out into the garden and collect buds on a regular basis.

Note: We are currently having issues finding a reliable supplier for green tea plants, once we can locate a supplier with good quality plants we will put the details here.
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