Plan A Memorable Afternoon Tea Party!

Plan A Memorable Afternoon Tea Party!

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An Afternoon Tea Party can be as Simple or Elegant as you like; Whether you are Simply having Girlfriends over for some Fun, or Hosting a Bridal Shower.

The following pages will help you plan a perfect Afternoon Tea Party


Black Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, Oolong, Pu-erh, Chai Tea, Olive Leaf Tea, Iced Tea, Rooibos Tea, Darjeeling Tea
, Assam Tea, Jasmine Tea

There are also some recipes for boozy Tea Cocktails!


Scones, Sandwiches and Cakes.

Most of the recipes can be prepared well ahead of time so you can enjoy your afternoon with your Best Friends, your Mother, or the Bride-to-Be.

Plan your party around your favorite TV soap, add a theme, or play a board or card game.

Or make it a Murder Mystery Afternoon Tea, Birthday or Bridal Shower!

You could even have a Halloween Tea Party!

Make it a true English Tea, a Victorian Tea, or Red Hat Society Tea Party – with the right preparation, you will be sure to have Fun!


How To Set The Table?

If you are curious what tea plantations look like around the world, check out these videos of global tea production, and one specifically about Japanese gyokuro and matcha teas here, and tea production in the beautiful hills of Sri Lanka and also in Kerala, Southern India.

Relax…Have a Nice Cup of Tea, and let me give you some good Tea Party ideas.

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